Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Man with the Right Attitude

Larry is the happiest man I’ve ever seen. I was curious why he was always so happy. He told me that every day before he got up, he gave himself a choice to be happy or unhappy. And every morning he chose to be happy.

One day, something terrible happened, which I thought would change Larry’s delightful attitude. Larry was robbed by two robbers in a dark street. They took all of his money and shot him. Larry was lying in the dark street bleeding for a long time. Fortunately, a woman saw this and called the ambulance that then rushed Larry to the emergency room. The doctors and nurses were very worried until a nurse asked Larry if he was allergic to anything. Larry shouted loudly:” Yes.” Then the doctor became even more worried and asked Larry what he was allergic to, and Larry answered: “Bullets, I am allergic to bullets, get it out from my stomach quickly.” Then, everyone laughed at Larry’s joke. What’s more, they gained confidence again because they knew that even though Larry was hurt, he was still alive.

Larry’s attitude saved his life. He is still the right man with right attitude.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Job Interview Outfit

I am applying for an accountant job in a big company. I chose a very formal outfit for the job interview. I will wear a light grey blouse and a black skirt. I will accessorize with a black leather handbag. I will wear a pair of black pumps. I think this outfit is the most appropriate for the job interview because it shows I’m professional and I value this opportunity very much.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Logo

My Personal Logo

My personal logo has one background image and six other symbols. First, the background image is a photo of WuZhen, a city in south China that I have visited, the beauty of which is just breathtaking. Next, the book in the corner represents my hobby of reading books, which I usually do in my free time. From the top, you can see a tennis ball and a racket. The image represents my love of sports. The little dog represents that I love animals. Also I think dogs are humans’ best friends. The cap represents my goal of education. I want to continue my education to get a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The flower is a carnation, which represents my gratitude to my mom who’s a great woman and influences my character a lot. Last, the plant clover represents good luck; it is great to meet all you guys and I want to give you my best wishes. In conclusion, this logo shows who I am and what I like.

Cell Phone Story

This incident happened last year. Once I was watching a movie with my friends in a movie theatre, and two people in front of us sometimes talked loudly. Though it disturbed us a lot, we decided to ignore the two noisy people and enjoy the movie. But one of them answered a phone call, the ringing was really loud and annoying, many people around him were disturbed and scared by the sudden noise, and they glare at him with dislike.

I think his manner is impolite indeed. He should pay a little attention to other people's feelings. Hopefully he wouldn't do it any more.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010