Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Logo

My Personal Logo

My personal logo has one background image and six other symbols. First, the background image is a photo of WuZhen, a city in south China that I have visited, the beauty of which is just breathtaking. Next, the book in the corner represents my hobby of reading books, which I usually do in my free time. From the top, you can see a tennis ball and a racket. The image represents my love of sports. The little dog represents that I love animals. Also I think dogs are humans’ best friends. The cap represents my goal of education. I want to continue my education to get a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The flower is a carnation, which represents my gratitude to my mom who’s a great woman and influences my character a lot. Last, the plant clover represents good luck; it is great to meet all you guys and I want to give you my best wishes. In conclusion, this logo shows who I am and what I like.

Cell Phone Story

This incident happened last year. Once I was watching a movie with my friends in a movie theatre, and two people in front of us sometimes talked loudly. Though it disturbed us a lot, we decided to ignore the two noisy people and enjoy the movie. But one of them answered a phone call, the ringing was really loud and annoying, many people around him were disturbed and scared by the sudden noise, and they glare at him with dislike.

I think his manner is impolite indeed. He should pay a little attention to other people's feelings. Hopefully he wouldn't do it any more.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010