Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Man with the Right Attitude

Larry is the happiest man I’ve ever seen. I was curious why he was always so happy. He told me that every day before he got up, he gave himself a choice to be happy or unhappy. And every morning he chose to be happy.

One day, something terrible happened, which I thought would change Larry’s delightful attitude. Larry was robbed by two robbers in a dark street. They took all of his money and shot him. Larry was lying in the dark street bleeding for a long time. Fortunately, a woman saw this and called the ambulance that then rushed Larry to the emergency room. The doctors and nurses were very worried until a nurse asked Larry if he was allergic to anything. Larry shouted loudly:” Yes.” Then the doctor became even more worried and asked Larry what he was allergic to, and Larry answered: “Bullets, I am allergic to bullets, get it out from my stomach quickly.” Then, everyone laughed at Larry’s joke. What’s more, they gained confidence again because they knew that even though Larry was hurt, he was still alive.

Larry’s attitude saved his life. He is still the right man with right attitude.